Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Next Level

I’ve been so busy as of late, I have yet to update my blog. I know I’m a bad blogger, forgive me for I have sinned. I just take for granted that everyone has been able to get over to the Public Radio Talent Quest site, and see that I won the contest. And honestly, I always feel like this blog is just a writing exercise, it’s hard to believe that anyone is reading it out there on the “internets”.

I’m extremely happy, excited, and scared all in the same time. To back track some, I found out that I’d been chosen, and was flown by PRX to Minneapolis, for the announcement it was a great trip and I got to meet two of the other contestants. They were excellent people. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to meet all of the contestants, we all created a bond it would have been nice to party with all ten. The people who ran the contest were a blast. I had so much fun, and I got to meet some of the people in public radio that I love. Diane Rhem was first and foremost. The only way I can describe her is majestic. It felt like I was hanging out with the queen of Public Radio. She was so warm and gracious.

I came back the next day to J-ville, and the news got out everywhere. It’s weird to be a celebrity, in your home city, when you know that you still the broke artist you were before the notoriety, and probably will be afterwards.. I’m not knocking it. It was nice for people to congratulate me. I don’t feel big headed about it, although, the quotes the newpaper used from me, seemed like my head had swollen. I need to not be so open in interviews and watch what I say, because the way I say it, and the way it looks on page, are two totally different things. Lesson learned (again) move forward.

When I told some of my closest friends that I’d won, some of them cried. I can’t tell you how much this moved me. I’ve always known this, but I’m on a journey and I’ve been blessed to have such wonderful people be apart of that team. If I named them all here, the list would be too long. But I couldn’t have done half the stuff that I’ve done without them in my corner. So winning this, yeah I did a lot of hard work, but the people around me also sacrificed and struggled and helped me in ways that I can’t even begin to thank them for.

Now the hard part. Juggling three important projects at the same time.

1) The Pilot for the radio show, “State of the Re:Union” will be done in Washington DC, (I’ll post something on what the show is shortly.) The deadline on that is December 14th. I’m excited about how the show is working out thus far, I’ll be in DC from the 8th-14th of Nov. to compile interviews and put all the pieces together.

2) New movie short: The Shadow of Death. Sometime in the near future we’ll be filming my 2nd short. I’m excited working with two great actors, and the more I work on the script the more I love it. I’ve been tinkering with the script now for months. You’d think that a 18 page script would be easy, but this script has a lot of layers to it, and I want to write it right. My film partner Zach is itchin’ to go, he’s got a ton of cool ideas. I feel bad because of the contest, I haven’t really had the time to devote to the film now that that’s over we’re on to the next step.

3) A Summer in Sanctuary. The solo show. I’ve finally got into gear with the writing of the show. I’m going to post a video of a reading today. I’m really happy with the progress of the piece, and an audience got to hear it, and they seemed to really dig it. This show is so personal to me, because it’s autobiographical. I want to always be true with my work, but I find that at every turn, the piece is challenging me to tell the truth. To be honest even when it hurts, and doesn’t show me in the most favorable of lights.

And that’s where it is folks. If you voted for me or even listened to my entries, thank you so much.


Detroit Girl said...

Congrats! You're amazing!

Sam W.

calpurnia said...

such a wonderful blessing! congratulations.