Saturday, August 25, 2007

The marathon.

Today I looked back on the my first step in the journey that is the Public Radio Talent Quest. I can feel the weariness of this contest setting in. We started in April, and it doesn’t end until mid-September. It feels so far away. I just want to wake up tomorrow and know how it all shakes out. But I know I need to be patient. Let it do what it do…
18 weeks ago seems like a small forever-ago. At the time I was in the midst of trying out for Fox’s On the Lot. After asking friends to vote for me on that site, I was a little shy in asking anyone to vote for me in this contest. And then everything changed. On the Lot dropped me, and Public Radio showed me some love. After going through three cuts, making three different entries, and holding my breath and dreaming, I’m one step away from winning. That one step is a dozzy.

The other contestants are strong. Honestly, I wish all ten of the semi finalist got an opportunity to make a show, because they brought something unique to the table. For better or for worse the top five, are going to play this round hard. Our task is to create a five minute show, a representative of the type of show we’d like to see on the air. I know what my show is. I won’t revel it as of yet, but I know it. I know how it sounds, how I want it will make people feel, but how do I do that in 5 mins?

I know the other contestants, Glynn, Rebecca, Chris, and April, are going to rock it. Glynn is a great storyteller, Rebecca already does a podcast, and has her niche’ tight, Chris is crazy smart, and April has been working for public radio for years, she could do this in her sleep. So this is going to be a real challenge. If I had to be honest though, I’d say this challenge plays to my strengths. I’m use to bringing different elements together, weaving in and out of stories, and I have a strong team of people around me to help (which is allowed in this round). I can do this. I can feel it. So much so I can’t sleep.

On some level, I feel like everything has led me to this point, this meandering, unconventional career I’ve carved out for myself. I can’t wait to see what’s next. For good or for bad, I’ve found a new love. I’ve been able to do things through this contest, I’ve always wanted to do. If I don’t get it, I’ll be upset, to have come this far, but on the flip side, the journey has been great, and I’ve learned a lot. That sounds PAT, but it’s true. But the slam poet in me wants to win. And win big. Screw it; I will win, and win big. Watch out world.

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Detroit Girl said...

I hope you blog again soon! I want to know what happened with the radio contest! I wish you the best. I think you are mad talented and innovative. You inspire me! I don't do the Myspace thing anymore, but I wanted to say hi! I am blogging again at if you are interested.

Peace and blessings.

Sam White