Friday, August 20, 2004

You oughta be in pictures.

So the big goal for 2005 is a movie. It's aboslutely crazy, I know. I have four major projects I have to work on. Plus two grants that I applied for that will basically have me working a fulltime job doing theatre stuff in the new year, if I get them which is highly suspect. But even if I don't get the grants my plate is full. But the whisper has been instistant. The whisper has been saying, "above all create, challenge yourself." I can't be like a million other actors who go to LA or NY begging someone to put them in a film. That's too pedestrian for me. I need to feel like it's in my hands. Maybe it isn't but still, i need to be in action. But above all the ambition, a story has stuck it head out and it is demanding to be told. So I call my film guy and tell him...."Dan, I making a movie this year. I want you to be down, but I'm making the movie if you are or not." I think that was an assholey approach, but when I'm caught up in something I don't have time for pretty speach. Dan knows this. So instead of being bitchy, he says, "I'm down for whatever you are..." That's the first piece. The other piece is Ed. Ed Keyes saved my life once, no BS, I mean he saved my life. He and I have been talking about making a movie together forever, I told him and he of course is down. So I'm doing it. I have a microscopic budget, but so what. I have done more with less and will continue to do so. Watch me.

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